Windows 10 October Update 1809 Fix Errors, Bugs,Problems,update issue

Windows 10 October Update 1809: Fix Errors, Bugs, Problems, and Update Issue

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Overview: Microsoft released Windows 10 October update version 1809 in the month of October but there were so many issues like data loss, start menu not working, error codes and many more. Microsoft pulled back the update and finally, it’s back again for us to download. I downloaded 1809 on my computer and so far so good. But, there are many Windows 10  users who are facing issues downloading this update so today in this article we will troubleshoot and get the October update installed successfully.

Microsoft has released Windows 10 May 2019 Update Version 1903, In case you are facing any issue in updating 1903, visit the below links to fix 1903 update issue:

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List of errors received while updating Windows 10 October update

The product key you entered didn’t work. check the product key and try again, or enter a different one.  (0xc0000022)












We have come across different situations where the update is in loop, download or installation of October update 1809 does not complete, system restarts and it takes a long time to update and eventually the update fails.

So, let’s start with the real user’s practical experience!

Scenario 1: I just upgraded to Windows 10 October 2018 Update version 1809 but it says my system is not activated.

My Windows 10 installation was activated before upgrading to Windows 10 October 2018, but after upgrading, my installation now says it’s not activated. There is also a watermark on the desktop.

Source: Microsoft Community

Scenario 2: Unable to update Windows 10 to v1809. Freezing at boot after reboot.

I am not being able to update my windows 10 device. After all the update files downloaded, I restarted the system (2 times). But it freezes at a boot screen like the image. It doesn’t boot up. Even the keyboard isn’t working at this time. And after I force shutdown using button and restart again, it takes too long to restart. And everything is back to normal like previous. Am I doing something wrong here? Is it only me facing this issue? How to solve this or update my system? Someone, please help me.

Source: Microsoft Community

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Like athe bove two users, there are many others who are facing issues while installing Windows 10 October 1809 update. Let’s go ahead and get this fixed.

Solution 1: Run Windows 10 Update Troubleshooter

Press Window + I key together on the keyboard and open Windows 10 Settings

Go to Update & Security

Select Troubleshoot and click on Run the troubleshooter


Once troubleshooting is complete, restart the system and try updating October update once again.

Solution 2: Update Windows 10 Manually

Visit the below link and Update Windows 10 Manually with the help of Windows 10 Update assistant.

Windows 10 Update Assistant

Click on Update now


Once it completes it will prompt to restart the system.

Solution 3: Run Windows 10 Activation Troubleshooter

Ignore this step if Windows is already active. Users who are receiving Windows 10 Activation error message after updating windows to 1809.

Please run Windows 10 Activation Troubleshooter.

Press Window + I key together on the keyboard and open Windows 10 Settings.

Once Windows Settings is open click on Update & Security

This will activate the Windows 10 on your system.

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Solution 4: Update the Most Recent Update From Microsoft Update Catalog

Press Window + I key together on the keyboard and open Windows 10 Settings.

Select System and click on About and see the system type and as per your Windows Version download the update from the below link.

Microsoft Catalog

Solution 5: Run DISM and SFC Scan

Open Command prompt by typing cmd in the Windows search box. Make a right click on cmd and open it as an administrator.

Then enter the below command and hit enter

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

It may take some time to complete, once done enter the below command on the same command prompt window and hit enter.

sfc /scannow

Once done update the Windows once again

Solution 6: Update Windows 10 from Microsoft Media Creation Tool

Visit this link and Click on Download tool now.

Then run media creation exe file and on Windows 10 setup click on Accept for Microsoft license terms.

Now on the next screen select Upgrade this PC now and click on Next.

Solution 7: Perform a clean installation of Windows 10

In case nothing lets you update the Windows then reinstalling the Windows 10 will help you to get the latest update that is 1809.

In order to reinstall the Windows please follow the steps provided in this link

Please note that you will lose all the data and the applications when you go for clean installation so please make sure that you backup all your data.

Wrap Up

I hope this post helped you to update windows 10 October update. If you like this post please share it to help others.

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