How to Fix Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Error 0x80042405 0xA001A and 0xA001B


How to Fix Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Error 0x80042405 0xA001A and 0xA001B

Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Media Creation Tool Error 0x80042405 0xA001B and 0x80042405 0xA001A

There are many Windows 10 users who are facing a difficult time creating Windows 10 media using USB flash drive. Today in this article we will troubleshoot media creation tool error and get the error fixed.

Step 1: Make Sure USB Flash Drive Has Enough Space

Windows 10 ISO file is a big file, it may take up to 4-5 GB of space so we generally recommend using 8 GB or above, keep it between 8-32 GB.  Also, always format the flash drive before creating Windows 10 media, if you have important data on the flash drive then please create a backup before using it for creating media. Sometimes USB flash drive is infected with the virus, in that case, use a different USB flash drive. Also, scan your PC using antivirus or Windows security just to make sure that the PC is not infected.

Step 2: Download & Install The Windows Media Creation Tool Directly To The USB Flash Drive

Generally, we download the media creation tool to the PC and run from it. To fix media creation error try downloading the tool directly to the USB flash drive and run the tool from it.

In Microsoft Edge browser when you click on Download tool now, it will prompt to Run, Save or Cancel, from Save option select Save as and save the file to the USB flash drive. In chrome browser when you click Download tool now, the file download straight to the browser download location, to avoid this from happening, make a right click on Download tool now and select Save link as.

Make right click on Download tool now

Select your USB flash drive and click on Open.

Select USB Flash Drive and click open

Now from the flash drive, make a right click on the Media CreationTool and run it as administrator.

Step 3: Format The USB Flash Drive as NTFS

Open Windows 10 File Explorer by pressing Windows + E on the keyboard, select This PC on the left side of the screen, make a right click on your USB flash drive and click on Format.

Find USB in file explorer and click on format

Make sure to select NTFS under the File System while formatting.

Format USB as NTFS

After the format is complete, run the Windows media creation tool, you can also implement step 2 after the format.

Step 4: Use Rufus to Create Bootable Media

Rufus is a third party software and can be used to create bootable media just like a media creation tool. First, you need to download the Windows 10 ISO file from the Microsoft website. Just make sure that on Choose which media to use screen, you select the ISO file instead of USB flash drive, select the download location on your PC and let the download complete.

Select ISO file on Choose which media to use screen

Once ISO download is complete, download and install Rufus from this link.

Rufus download option

Select your Flash drive under the Device option, Select the ISO file from your PC and click on Start to create Windows 10 Bootable media.

Create Windows 10 bootable media using rufus

Step 5: Use Another Flash Drive

Sometimes damage, corrupt, or faulty USB flash may be the reason for the error message, in that case, you need to use another flash to get it working.

Wrap Up

If you follow all five steps one by one, I am sure one of the steps should fix Media Creation Tool Error 0x80042405 0xA001B and 0x80042405 0xA001A.

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