Complete Troubleshooting Guide for Alienware AW3418DW and AW3418HW Monitor

Complete Troubleshooting Guide for Alienware AW3418DW and AW3418HW Monitor

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Complete Troubleshooting Guide for Alienware AW3418DW and AW3418HW Monitor

Overview: This post provides general troubleshooting steps to fix multiple issues with your Alienware AW3418DW or AW3418HW Monitor. Please go through the complete guide to troubleshoot your Alienware AW3418DW and AW3418HW Monitor.

How to Run Self-Test on AW3418DW and AW3418HW Monitor

In case you face any video issue and you are confused whether display issue is because of fault with the monitor or your computer, run a Self-Test to narrow down the cause of the issue. AW3418DW and AW3418HW Monitor comes with a self-test feature that enables you to diagnose your monitor functionality. In case your Alienware monitor and your computer are connected properly and the display is blank or dark, follow the steps mentioned below to run the Self-Test:

  • Power off your PC and your Alienware monitor.
  • Unplug the video cable such as DP cable or HDMI from your Alienware Monitor or from your computer. Unplug all the cable coming from your PC to the monitor to make sure the test is properly performed, ensure only power cable should be connected to the monitor.
  • Now power on the monitor.
  • A dialog box will pop up on-screen as shown below, the monitor cannot recognize the video signal, this means the monitor is fine. In self-test screen, blinking white light should appear on the power LED.

Monitor Self Test Window Alienware AW3418DW & AW3418HW

  • Power off your monitor and connect the video cable such as HDMI or DP cable, now power on your PC and the Alienware monitor.
  • If you still face black or blank screen after connecting the video cable, then it seems the issue is with the video cable, port on the graphics card or the complete video card or it may be the issue with your computer because Alienware monitor is working fine. Try using another video cable, try using a different port, if you are using HDMI, use DP port and vice versa, check the video on another monitor.

How to Run Built-in diagnostics on AW3418DW and AW3418HW Monitor

AW3418DW and AW3418HW Monitor comes with Built-in diagnostics features that enable you to check screen functionality. We have come across monitor failure where we see horizontal or vertical color lines or patches, lots of bright or dark pixels. When you come across such screen abnormality, run the LCD BIST (built-in-self-test) to test the monitor.  Follow the steps mentioned below to run LCD BIST:

  • Disconnect the video cable (HDMI or DP cable) from your computer or monitor.
  • Press and hold Button 3 (as shown in the pic below) for approximately 5 seconds. A gray screen should appear, now check if you see any kind of issue on the screen (color line, patches, dark or bright pixels or issue you were facing before)

LCD BIST Button for Alienware AW3418DW and AW3418HW

Pic Courtesy: Dell

  • When you press Button 3 again, the screen color will change to red. when you keep pressing the button 3, you will see screen changing to green, blue, black, and white color, check for the screen issue on these color screen.
  • The test will complete after the white screen, press the Button 3 to exit out of the test.
  • If you see the issue (color line, patches, dark or bright pixels or issue you were facing before) on the color screen while running the test then there might hardware failure with the monitor, get in touch with Dell to get your monitor replaced. Dell Technical Support can help you with the replacement, provided the monitor is under warranty.
  • If you do not find any issue while running the test then Check your graphics card or your computer.

How to Fix AW3418DW or AW3418HW High-Frequency Noise or Flickering Issue

You might face high – Frequency Noise or Screen Flickering issue when Over-clocking is enabled on your AW3418DW or AW3418HW monitor. To get rid of the noise and screen flickering issue disable Over-clocking

Steps to check Overclock On or Off:

  • Launch the OSD menu by pressing button number 5 as shown below.
  • Here you can check if the Over-clock is On or Off.

Check overclocking on alienware AW3418DW and AW3418HW monitor

Pic Courtesy: Dell

Steps to turn off Over-clocking. go to the OSD menu>Choose Game>Choose Over-clock>Change the option from On to Off.

AW3418DW/AW3418HW Monitor Does Not Wake From Sleep Mode

You may notice that your AW3418DW/AW3418HW monitor does not wake up from sleep mode while moving the keyboard or mouse.

Actually, for the 0.5W power consumption in sleep mode, the NVidia G-sync module present in the AW3418DW/AW3418HW monitors is designed to turn off when the monitor goes to sleep mode and when this happens, it stops responding to mouse or keyboard movement.

You will not face this issue when your computer goes into sleep mode. It will respond to mouse or keyboard movement when your PC goes into the sleep mode.

To fix this issue:

  • Press any one of the buttons present in front of the monitor to wake the monitor from the sleep mode.

OSD button on alienware monitor

Pic Courtesy: Dell

  • Turning off and turning on the monitor will also wake the monitor from sleep mode.

Light leaking Issue on the Corners of AW3418DW and AW3418HW Monitors

Due to the curved design of AW3418DW and AW3418HW monitors, the corners of the AW3418DW and AW3418HW screen may show light leakage which may appear yellowish in dark. This is considered as normal behavior for curved monitors and it does not impact the overall viewing experience. In case, there is extreme light leakage you can always contact Dell technical support for further assistance.

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How to Turn On and Turn Off Downlight in AW3418DW & AW3418HW Monitor

You can find the downlights at the bottom of AW3418DW and AW3418HW monitor. A touch sensor is present in the bottom, you can just tap the sensor to switch On and switch Off the downlight. Downlights are off if the Spectrum function is On.

Control for the monitor downlighting

Pic Courtesy: Dell

How to Set up the Game Enhance Mode in AW3418DW & AW3418HW Monitor

Go to OSD Menu>Select Game >Select Game Enhance Mode> Choose TimerFrame Rate or Display Alignment

How to Setup AlienFX Lighting on AW3418DW & AW3418HW Monitor

For the setup of automatic AlienFX Lighting:

  • Go to the OSD Menu > Select AlienFX Lighting > Select Spectrum > Choose On

For the Manual set up of AlienFX Lighting:

  • Go to the OSD Menu >Select AlienFX Lighting >Choose All Zones, Zone1, Zone 2, Zone 3 or Zone 4 > Choose Custom Color >Choose color out of 20 available colors.

Common Issues & Fix For AW3418DW & AW3418HW Monitor

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Pic Courtesy: Dell

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