Mail Signature Not Working on macOS Mojave

Mail Signature Not Working on macOS Mojave

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Mail Signature Not Working on macOS Mojave

Overview: There are many Mac users who are facing issues with Mail Signature after upgrading the system to macOS Mojave. The Mail signature does not appear or the signature box is missing. Today we will troubleshoot the Mail signature issue and will get it fixed. Troubleshooting applies to almost all Mac OS.

So, let’s start with the real user’s practical scenarios!

Scenario 1: Signatures Stopped Working in Mail

I use three different signatures for work depending on who I am emailing. But this morning, I am unable to access any signatures. They are still in the signatures window in Mail preferences, but I am no longer able to attach them to an email. How can I restore them?

Source: Apple Community

Scenario 2: Signatures Not Working Correctly

I have noticed several irritating problems with Mail Signatures. One – when adding a new signature, it is put into the lineup out of order. I have to drag it down to the bottom of the list. Two- I have it set Mail to randomly select a signature ( can no longer even find this feature), but it keeps selecting a few and rotating through them, as if on a loop. Three – when typing a new e-mail, I have attempted to add the signature of my choice manually, but my list will only extend to 42 signatures only. I have 59. Anybody else have these problems?

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Step 1

  • Go to the Mail>Preferences>Signatures.
  • Dragged the signature(s) you want for your account.
  • Highlight the account where you want the signature to appear and use the drop-down box Choose Signature to select the default signature you want for your account.
  • Repeat the process if you have multiple accounts where you want a signature to appear.

Step 2

Try restoring the Mail Signatures from a Time Machine backup, to do so follow the steps:

Open Finder  and select Go menu > Go to folder, copy and paste the command mentioned below:


Click Go.

Select the most recent V(x) folder and look for MailData and find Signatures.plist

Signature plist file in mail app in Mac

Step 3

In case, Choose Signature menu is grayed out or is set to None.

To fix this, select your email account and then set the default signature for that account using this menu. Signatures are set up for each account separately, the signature needs to be connected with an account before it can be selected as the default. To do so, go to All Signatures list and drag the one that you want to use for different accounts. After this, you can set the default signature for each account.

In case, the issue is still not resolved, delete the Signatures.plist.

Navigate to the path /username/Library/Mail/Signatures/ directory. You can find the SignaturesByAccount.plist file here. Delete it by moving it to the trash. Doing this will remove all signatures connections, open Mail set up signatures once again.

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Step 4

In case, email signature keeps disappearing from Mail, do the following:

Go to System Preferences > iCloud
Uncheck documents & data

Step 5

In case, mail signature does not load then try removing the account, close mail, re-open the mail and add the account back using the same username and password, that should resolve the problem.

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