How to Turn On or Off and Manage the Backlit Keyboard Timeout in Dell Laptop

How to Turn On or Off and Manage the Backlit Keyboard Timeout in Dell Laptop

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How To Change Keyboard Backlight Timeout In Dell Inspiron, XPS, Latitude and Vostro PC

Overview: There are many Dell users having a difficult time managing keyboard backlight timeout. Today in this post we will find a way to manage keyboard backlight timeout on Dell Notebook.

Let’s start with the real user example!

Practical Scenario 1: Real Solution to keep the backlit keyboard on?

I use my 9560 for music and DJing and need the keyboard lit all the time. I tried installing the Dell Feature Enhancement Pack, however, it seems like it has trouble recognizing the Win10 NET Framework and won’t install. Looked in the BIOS, but couldn’t find anything there either. Any real solutions? thanks

Source: Dell Community

Practical Scenario 2: Adjusting the backlight timeout (Inspiron 15 5000 gaming)

I’m trying to either adjust the timeout or disable it all together to keep the light on. I’m running an Inspiron 15 5000 gaming series. There is no option in the windows mobility center, and there is no option in the bios. Are there drivers/programs that are available anywhere? Any suggestions?

Source: Dell Community

How To Turn Keyboard Backlit On And Off Using Keyboard

The easiest way to switch on or switch off the backlight on Dell laptop is to look for the key which has keyboard backlight illumination icon printed on it as shown below. Depending upon the Model of your Dell system either of these icons will be the right icon for you.

Now pressing F10 will switch off, dim the backlight and will turn off the backlight.

In some Dell models, you have to press and hold the Fn + F6 key to manage the backlit.

While in other Dell models you have to press and hold the Fn + the right-hand arrow key (located in the lower right-hand corner of the keyboard as shown in the pic above) to manage the backlit.

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What to do if the Backlit key on the keyboard does not respond

Sometimes we do come across situations in which backlit key does not work- no need to worry we can get it working through system BIOS.

We have to make sure Keyboard Backlit is enabled in the BIOS

a. Shut down the system if the system is On.
b. Switch on the system and immediately keep tapping F2 to enter the BIOS

c. Click the + sign next to System Configuration

System configuration Dell Bios
d. Select Keyboard Illumination.

keyboard illumination Dell BIOS
Important- If the Keyboard Illumination option is missing in the BIOS that means your system does not have a backlit keyboard.

Different Dell Models may have different BIOS version with the different option.

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In the New versions of BIOS

– Disabled or Off- The keyboard illumination will be off- you can enable or disable as per your choice.
– Dim- the keyboard illumination will show half brightness
– Bright- the keyboard illumination will show full brightness

Important: You may also find other options under Keyboard Illumination in the System Configuration list

– Keyboard Backlight Timeout on AC: You can set the Keyboard Backlight time on AC.
– Keyboard Backlight Timeout on Battery: You can set the time for keyboard backlight on Battery.
– Keyboard Backlight with AC: It will allow you to manage the brightness level when set by the using the brightness level keys on the keyboard.

In the old version of BIOS

– Disabled or Off- The keyboard Illumination will always be off. You can enable or disable as per your choice.
– Auto ALS and Input- The keyboard will automatically illuminate in poor lighting conditions when the internal keyboard, touchpad or pointstick are used. (In order to use this setting, the Ambient Light Sensor has to be set to enable in the BIOS).
To enable Ambient Light Sensor
1. Click on the + sign next to Video in the System Configuration list.
2. Select Ambient Light Sensor.
3. Select Enable.

– Auto Input Only- The keyboard will illuminate only when the internal keyboard, touchpad or pointstick are used

Once you have selected the options as per your choice click Apply on the bottom of the BIOS page and Exit

To manage Keyboard Backlight timeout using Windows Mobility Center and Dell Quickset Application visit the below link (Applicable to some other Dell Models)

How To Change Keyboard Backlit Timeout

Wrap Up

I hope by now you know how to Turn On or Off and Manage the Backlit Keyboard Timeout in Dell Laptop.

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