How to Install Ubuntu from USB Flash Drive on Dell, Lenovo, Asus, HP PC


Steps to download and Install Ubuntu using USB Flash Drive on Dell, Lenovo, Asus, HP PC

Overview: This post will help you to install Ubuntu on your PC. Step by step instructions is provided to make the procedure easy to follow. You can either replace your current Windows OS with Ubuntu or run it along with Windows operating system.

System Requirement

  • A USB flash drive of 4 GB or more.
  • A Computer with Windows XP or later.
  • Rufus, a media creation tool.
  • Ubuntu ISO file.

Steps to Download Ubuntu ISO File

  • Click on this link to visit the Ubuntu website.
  • Go to the Download section. Click on Ubuntu Desktop download link as shown below to download the ISO file. Save the file to the desktop or to your preferred download location.

Download Ubuntu Desktop ISO file

It may take some time to download the Ubuntu ISO file depending upon the speed of your internet.

Once the download is complete follow the steps mentioned below to create a bootable media using rufus.

Steps to Create Ubuntu Bootable Media Using Rufus.

Visit this link to download Rufus.

  • Plug your USB Flash Drive to the PC
  • Now open Rufus.
  • Select your Flash Drive and Boot selection to FreeDOS as shown below. Keep the Partition scheme (MBR) and Target system (BIOS (or UEFI-CSM)) as it is.

Rufus drive and boot selection

  • Click on SELECT in front of Boot selection and select the Ubuntu ISO file.

Select Ubuntu ISO

Select Ubuntu ISO

  • Click on Start

Start Rufus

  • Extra downloads: There may be an alert that Rufus needs additional files to complete writing the ISO. Select Yes to continue if you receive the alert.

Rufus requires additional files to complete writing the ISO

  • Warnings prompt: You might receive a message saying Rufus has detected that the Ubuntu ISO is an ISOHybrid image.

Rufus has detected that the Ubuntu ISO is an ISOHybrid image.

  • Select “Keep Write in ISO Image (Recommended)” and click on OK.
  • Rufus will also prompt that all data in the USB flash drive will be destroyed. Click OK to continue. Make sure the USB flash drive is empty because you will lose the data.

all data in the USB flash drive will be destroyed

It may take some time to complete the writing, once complete you will see Rufus screen as shown below.

Writing complete Rufus

Steps to Install Ubuntu on PC

Step 1

Plug the Ubuntu USB flash drive to the PC where you want to install Ubuntu and start your computer. Most of the PC will boot from USB flash drive automatically. You will see a welcome window asking you to select your language and install or try the Ubuntu desktop. Select the language and click on Install Ubuntu.

Install ubuntu or try ubuntu

Install ubuntu option

In case, PC does not boot from USB, start your computer and immediately keep tapping F12 on the keyboard to go to the boot menu. F12 is widely used on most PC to go to the boot menu. Escape, F2 and F10 can also be used depending upon your system manufacturer boot menu options. If you are not sure about the key then look for a quick message which appears on the screen when the system starts, a message will let you know which key to use to go to the boot menu.

On the boot menu, select the USB flash drive (it may show USB storage device, USB1 or name of the flash drive) and press Enter.

Step 2

  • It will ask to select your keyboard layout. If it does not detect the keyboard layout properly, use Detect Keyboard Layout button to set up.
  • After keyboard layout click on Continue, it will ask What apps would you like to install to start with? Select Normal installation.

Normal installation Ubuntu


  • Under Other options, you will see two boxes to check, download updates while installing Ubuntu and Install third-party software. It is recommended to check both the boxes. Check the box and click on Continue.
  • Connect to the internet to get the latest updates while installing Ubuntu.
  • In case, the internet is not connected, it will prompt to select a wireless network to connect to your Wi-Fi

Step 3

Select the Installation type- Select Erase disk and install Ubuntu if you want to replace Windows OS with Ubuntu or select Something else if you want to use Ubuntu along with Windows operating system and click on Install Now. Please note that you will lose all the data stored in the hard disk when you select Erase disk and install Ubuntu option.

Install now Ubuntu


Step 4

After selecting storage, a message will appear showing you the option you have selected.

Write the changes to the disk

Once you are sure about the options, Click on Continue.

Step 5

Select your location- When the internet is connected, it will detect your location automatically. Make sure your location is correct and then click on Continue.

In case, you are not sure of your time zone, write the name of a local city or use the map to select your location.

Select location Ubuntu

Step 6

Enter the Login details, create your username and password and click on Continue.

Login details

Step 7

It may take some time to install Ubuntu.

Ubuntu installing

Once the installation is complete it will prompt to restart your computer. Click on Restart Now and unplug the USB flash drive when asked.

Restart now after Ubuntu installation

That’s it! You have installed the Linux operating system.

Enjoy Ubuntu!

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