How To Fix Minecraft.Exe File System Error (-2143322101)

How To Fix Minecraft.Exe File System Error (-2143322101)

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How To Fix Minecraft.Exe File System Error (-2143322101)

Please Perform The Steps Provided In This Article On How To Fix When Minecraft Launcher is Not Launching Due To An Error Minecraft.Exe File System Error (-2143322101) On Windows 10/11 PC

Step 1) Always Login With Same Email Account On Xbox App & Microsoft Store

Make sure you are logged with same account on Xbox App and Microsoft Store, also make sure Xbox Game Pass subscription is active on your account, open Xbox App and Microsoft Store, click on the profile icon on the top right, now logout and login with same account on both the platform. Now open Minecraft launcher.

Step 2) Perform Repair/Reset Of Minecraft Launcher

Type in Minecraft Launcher in Windows Search box, make a right click on Minecraft Launcher, click on App settings, scroll down and click on Repair, after the repair launch Minecraft launcher , still receiving the error perform Reset.

Step 3) Uninstall & Reinstall Minecraft Launcher

Go to Windows Settings/Apps/Apps & Feature/find Minecraft launcher/Uninstall

Restart your PC after the uninstall and visit official Minecraft website provided below:


Step 3) Uninstall & Reinstall Windows 7/8 Version Of Minecraft Launcher

Uninstall Minecraft Launcher once again, visit minecraft website provided below:

Now click on DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS 7/8 on this website, install Windows 7/8 version of Minecraft Launcher, this should launch Minecraft launcher sucessfully and you should not receive File System Error (-2143322101).

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