How To Fix Microsoft Teams Error Code signInRestriction:1

How To Fix Microsoft Teams Error Code signInRestriction:1

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Fix Microsoft Teams Error We're Sorry-We've Run Into An Issue Error Code signInRestriction1

This post will provide troubleshooting steps to fix Microsoft Teams Error “We’re Sorry-We’ve Run Into An Issue Error Code signInRestriction:1” Follow the steps provided below to fix this error code:

Step 1) Connect Your Teams Account

Press Windows + I to open Windows 10 Settings, go to Account/Access work or school/click on Connect and add your Microsoft Teams email and password and connect your account. In case account is already connected then click on it and click on Disconnect (This will remove your access to resources like email, apps, network, and all the content associated with it). Once disconnected click on Connect again to add your Microsoft Teams account. Now try opening Microsoft Teams desktop app.

Disconnect work or school Account

Step 2) Delete Microsoft Teams Cache Files

First of all close Microsoft Teams, open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Users\Test\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams. If you do not see AppData folder then click on View on the top left and then put a check on Hidden items box.

Open all the folders one by one which is provided below and delete all the files from each folder.

Cache folder
Databases folder
GPUCache folder
IndexedDB folder
Local Storage folder
tmp folder

Delete Microsoft Teams Cache folder

Now restart Teams and login your account.

Step 3) Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Teams

Open Windows 10 Settings, click on Apps, find Microsoft Teams in the list, click on it and then click on Uninstall.

Uninstall Microsoft Teams

Once uninstalled, restart your PC. After restart visit Microsoft website and reinstall Microsoft Teams.

Step 4) Use Web Version Of Microsoft Teams

If nothing is working then open any browser and use web version of Teams, visit Microsoft Teams website to login and continue your work.

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