How To Fix FIFA 21/22 Game Shows Double Controller On Windows PC

How To Fix FIFA 21/22 Game Shows Double Controller On Windows PC

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How To Fix FIFA 21 or 22 Game Shows Double Controller On Windows PC


Please perform the steps provided in this article to fix FIFA 22/21 game shows two controller when controller connected via bluetooth on Windows PC.




Close all the game client first. If Steam is already installed on your PC then launch Steam, if not then go to Steam website provided below to install Steam.


Now launch Steam, on the the bottom left click on the option “ADD A GAME” then click on Add a non Steam game. Select FIFA game exe file in the list, if you don’t see FIFA game in the list then click on BROWSE, go to the game installation folder and add the game exe file. Once the game is selected click on ADD SELECTED  PROGRAMS.

Once FIFA 22/21 game is added, now on the top left on Steam client click on Steam/Settings/Controller/GENERAL CONTROLLER SETTINGS

Here Controller should be detected, if not, put a check on the box which says Xbox Configuration Support if you have Xbox controller, select PlayStation Configuration Support if you are using PlayStation controller.

Now Launch Steam in Big Picture Mode, on the top right on Steam client you will find an icon for big picture mode, click on it. Go to LIBRARY/GAMES/Click on FIFA 22/Manage Shortcut/Controller Options/Uncheck the box “Allow Desktop Configuration in Launcher” & “Enable Overlay on Non-Steam Game “,  for option Steam Input Per-Game Setting select Forced On from the drop down option. Click Ok and now launch the from Steam, Make sure that you launch the game from Steam not from Origin or EA App, if still issue is not resolved then select Forced off and try again.

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