[Fixed] Unable to Drag and Drop files on macOS Mojave

[Fixed] Unable to Drag and Drop files on macOS Mojave

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Overview: With macOS Mojave, Mac Users are facing different new issues coming up every day. Today in this post I will provide some steps to fix drag and drop issue with macOS Mojave.

So, let’s start with a real user’s practical experience!

Scenario 1: Drag and drop problems

Hi everyone, I just recently updated my MacBook Pro (17-inch, early 2011) software to Sierra. This is after a lot of notifications from Mac that kept asking me to update. So, I did. Everything is fine and I kind of loving the features that came with it including the iCloud thing. (I am not very smart about computers). But despite all the goodness, who knew that the thing that is causing me problems right now is the drag and drop functions. I can’t use it. It’s not just for a specific app or browser, but this occurs for everything. I just can’t use it. I clicked and tried to drag but nothing happens. I thought it was a setting/preference feature that I haven’t turned on or something, but I can’t seem to find the option for it. so, can anybody provide me with solutions to this? is it something about this new OS that I don’t know about? or is it may be a problem with the hardware (trackpad)? Your assistance is very appreciated. Thank you.

Source: Apple Forum

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Like the above user there are multiple Mojave users who are facing this issue, let’s go ahead and fix this.

Restart Your Mac

Most of the time simple restart fixes the issue. Click on Restart from the Apple Menu and check the drop and drag functionality on the Mac.

Restart the macOS Mojave Finder

  • Press Command+Option+Escape key to open Force Quit Applications
  • Select Finder from Force Quit menu and hit Relaunch to open finder once again
  • Close the Force Quit Applications menu and check the drop and drag.

Restart Your Mac

Most of the time simple restart fixes the issue. Click on Restart from the Apple Menu and check the drop and drag.

Enable Three Finger Drag

  • Open Apple Menu and Select System Preferences….
  • Now select Accessibility and click on Mouse & Trackpad
  • Enable dragging should be on
  • Click on the arrow beside Enable Dragging and select three finger drag and click OK

Now check the drop and drag.

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Delete Plist Files and Restart Your Mac

Press Command+Shift+G to open Go To Folder window, type ~/Library/Preferences in the box and click on Go

Delete the below-mentioned files by moving those files to the trash.






Restart your Mac now check the drag and drop.

Deleting these files will remove all the customization you have done.

Update Your Mac

Mac Software updates improve the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac and updating mac might also resolve the drag and drop issue.

To download macOS software updates, go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences and then click on Software Update.

You can also select Apple menu, choose About This Mac and then click on Software Update.

Start Mac in Safe Mode and Check Drag and Drop

  • Press and hold the power button to shut down your Mac.
  • Now start your Mac and immediately Press and hold the Shift key as soon as the start-up sound is heard.
  • Release the Shift key when you see the Apple logo. Safe Boot appears on the macOS Mojave start-up screen.

Safe Mode restricts the use of many applications on the system and allows examination in a more restricted environment. In case the drag and drop work fine in Safe Mode then you have to isolate the software which is causing no boot issue.

Create Another Account on Mac

  • Go to the Apple menu, select System Preferences and then click on Users & Groups.

Users and group


  • Click on the lock icon to unlock it, put your administrator name and password.

Click on the lock Icon Mac

  • Now click on Add or Plus icon to create new account

Click on the plus icon

  • Click the New Account pop-up menu and then choose a type of user i.e. Administrator or Standard user and put all the necessary details and Click on Create User.

Admin account


Now check the drag and drop, in case, drag and drop behave normally then old profile may have gone corrupt. Transfer all the data to the new account and start using your Mac.

Perform Clean Installation of macOS Mojave from USB flash drive

Performing a clean installation should help you to fix drag and drop issue in case none of the steps works. Please note that you will lose all your data on the Mac. Visit this link to perform the clean installation: Apple link How to create a bootable installer for macOS

Wrap Things Up

I hope this article helped you to fix the drag and drop issue with macOS Mojave.

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