Fix Windows 10 Night Light Not Working After 1903 Update


Fix Windows 10 Night Light Not Working After 1903 UpdateFix For Windows 10 Night Light Not Working After 1903 Update

Is Windows Night Light Not Working After Updating Windows to Version 1903? I too updated the Windows 10 to 1903 and found out that Night Light was not working after the update.

I tried updating the discrete Nvidia graphics card, updated Dell BIOS, restarted my computer, even made some changes to the registry but none of the steps helped me to get the Night Light Working.

Finally, I was able to fix the Night Light by updating the integrated Intel HD Graphics using  Intel Driver & Support Assistant. When I tried updating integrated Intel HD Graphics from device manager, it said it is up to date. So guys please use Intel Driver & Support Assistant

Download Intel Driver & Support Assistant.

Download Intel Driver & Support Assistant

Run the exe file and install the Intel Driver & Support Assistant. It will show you how many updates are available to install, click on Download all updates

Update Intel graphics using Intel Driver & Support Assistant

Once all the updates are installed, restart your PC. Now check the Night Light, it should start working.

Now I have tried this on my Dell Laptop which has both Integrated and add on Nvidia graphics card, there are many systems which have only Nvidia or AMD graphics card. In that case, make sure you update the graphics card from the Manufacturer website.

Update Nvidia Driver

Update AMD Driver

Make sure you have all the necessary drivers up to date, especially BIOS. Also, keep updating Windows 10, Microsoft is aware of the Night Light issue with Windows 10 1903 version, they are working on it and the next update may fix the issue for all.

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