Fix Windows 10 1903 Update Error 0xc1900101

Fix Windows 10 1903 Update Error 0xc1900101

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Fix Windows 10 1903 Update Error 0xc1900101

Overview: Many Windows 10 users are trying to upgrade Windows 10 to version 1903 and receiving an error “Error 0xc1900101“. Today in this post we will find different ways to update Windows 10 to version 1903 without Error 0xc1900101.

So, let’s start with the real user’s practical scenarios!

Scenario: Windows 10 updates 1903 stuck on OEM logo (0xc1900101 error)

Hello, I’m currently running Windows 10 1809 and trying to update to version 1903, but it always failed and got stuck on the Acer logo, every single time. The only way I can get past the OEM logo is I forcefully turning off my PC and then turned on back so the rollback process can be started. On the update history, it says 0xc1900101 error. I’ve tried updating my GPU drivers, using Windows 10 updater tool, and etc. still failed.

Source Microsoft Community

Run Hardware Test

You might receive Error 0xc1900101 in case there is a hardware issue with your PC, If any hardware component has failed, hardware test will let you know about it and you can replace that faulty hardware. It is always safe to run the hardware test before we move ahead with the troubleshooting.

Workaround to Fix Windows 10 1903 Update Error 0xc1900101

To fix this error, remove all external media, such as USB devices, SD cards, and UFS cards, from your computer and restart installation of the Windows 10, version 1903 feature update. The update should then proceed normally. If you are using an installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) created by a tool to install Windows 10, copy the files on the installation media to your local drive, and then start the installation from the local drive.

Source: Microsoft

In case you are facing any other issue while updating Windows 10 1903 update, follow the troubleshooting mentioned below:

Update System Driver

Few users were able to update Windows 10 to version 1903 after updating the graphics driver, visit your system manufacturer’s website to update system BIOS and all the necessary driver especially the graphics card and network driver.

NVIDIA Users: GeForce Experience can be used to check and update the drivers automatically, visit the below link to auto-update or update it manually.

Update Nvidia Card

AMD Users: Visit the below link to autodetect or manually select your driver.

Update AMD Card

Intel graphics driver can be updated from device manager or you can use using  Intel Driver & Support Assistant.

Download Intel Driver & Support Assistant.

Download Intel Driver & Support Assistant

Run the exe file and install the Intel Driver & Support Assistant. It will show you how many updates are available to install, click on Download all updates

Update Intel graphics using Intel Driver & Support Assistant

Once all the updates are installed, restart your PC

Run Windows 10 Update Troubleshooter

Press Window + I key together on the keyboard and open Windows 10 Settings

Go to Update & Security

Select Troubleshoot and click on Run the troubleshooter


Once troubleshooting is complete, restart the system and try updating October update once again.

Update Windows 10 1903 Version Manually

Visit the below link and Update Windows 10 Manually with the help of Windows 10 Update assistant.

Windows 10 Update Assistant

Click on Update now

Windows 10 May 2019 Update available


Once it completes, it will prompt to restart the system.

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Run DISM and SFC Scan

Open Command prompt by typing cmd in the Windows search box. Make a right click on cmd and open it as an administrator.

Then enter the below command and hit enter

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

It may take some time to complete, once done enter the below command on the same command prompt window and hit enter.

sfc /scannow

Once done, update the Windows once again.

Update Windows 10 1903 Update  Using Microsoft Media Creation Tool

Visit this link and click on Download tool now.

Then run media creation exe file and on Windows 10 setup click on Accept for Microsoft license terms.

Now on the next screen select Upgrade this PC now and click on Next.

Perform a clean installation of Windows 10

In case nothing lets you update the Windows then reinstalling the Windows 10 will help you to get the latest Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

In order to reinstall the Windows please follow the steps provided in this link

Please note that you will lose all the data and the applications when you go for clean installation so please make sure that you backup all your data.

Wrap Up

I hope this post helped you to Fix Windows 10 1903 Update Error 0xc1900101 and update Windows 10 1903 update successfully on your PC.

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