How to Fix SS3Svc32.exe Prompt On Windows PC

How to Fix SS3Svc32.exe Prompt On Windows PC

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How to Fix SS3Svc32.exe Prompt On Windows PC

Are you receiving SS3Svc32.exe prompt on your Windows PC on every restart? Do not worry, in this article I will provide a possible fix for this SS3Svc32.exe prompt. Let’s start with a real-life scenario.


this SS3Svc32.exe always prompt to my laptop. what is the issue and how can I get rid of it.

Thanks for the help

Source: Microsoft Community

Please do the followings to fix this SS3Svc32.exe prompt:

Stop SS3Svc32.exe Prompt On Windows PC

In order to fix this prompt, you have to stop the entry from a startup. Usually, people go to the task manager and disable the programs from startup. But to stop this kind of exe prompt, the task manager may not be enough.

Visit this Microsoft link to download an Autoruns for Windows tool. Once you download the tool, go to the download folder, make a right-click on it to unzip or extract the file, if you do not have an option to extract then download WinRAR. After you extract the file, a folder named “Autoruns” will be created. Open the Autoruns folder and run Autoruns or Autoruns64 as an administrator.

Run autoruns as an administrator

Now find SS3Svc32 using the Filter box. Once you get the list of SS3Svc32 processes, remove the tick mark or uncheck all the entries you find for this process. You can also make a right-click delete the entry.

Find SSV3SVC32 in autoruns

Once you untick or delete the process, restart your computer. The SS3Svc32.exe prompt should go away.

In case the issue still persists, perform a system restore and select the restore point prior to the error. To perform a system restore, type in Create a restore point in the Windows search box and click on Create a restore point. Click on System Restore under the System Protection tab. Select the date before the issue occurred, conform the restore point and click on Finish. System restore may take some time and SS3Svc32.exe prompt should go away post system restore.

If nothing works then please backup your data and Reset your PC, Press Windows + I to open Windows 10 settings, in the search box type in Reset this PC and select this option. Click on Get started to reset your PC. Resetting PC should get rid of the SS3Svc32.exe prompt.

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