Fix No Video Issue With Dell XPS 13 9350 On Dell Type-C Monitors


Fix No Video Issue With Dell XPS 13 9350 On Dell Type-C Monitors

Overview: There are many Dell XPS 13 9350 users who are facing no video issue when connecting their laptop with a new Dell Type-C monitor. Today in this post we will understand the cause of no video issue and solution to fix this issue.

So, let’s start with the real user’s practical scenarios!

Scenario 1: XPS 9350 and U2419HC USB-C Not Working

Hi, I have a Dell XPS 9350 and recently purchased a U2419HC monitor. This won’t connect using USB-C. It will connect using HDMI. I currently have an S2718D monitor that does connect via USB-C (video and power). I’ve updated monitor and graphics drivers but still no sign of life. Dell replaced the monitor saying it must be faulty. Obviously not. Any suggestions as what to do next otherwise the second monitor has to go back? Suppose I could get another S2718D instead but I’m not sure there’s room on my desk!

Source: Dell Community

Like the above user, there are many Dell XPS 13 9350 users who are facing no video issue. Let’s understand why?

Cause of No Video Issue With Dell XPS 13 9350 on Dell Type-C Monitors

Dell manufactured XPS 13 9350 long time ago when there were no Dell Type-C monitors. Many users consider it a non-compatibility issue but actually it’s not. Dell confirmed XPS 13 9350 to be End of life product and has no plans to make any changes to the hardware to make it work with new Type-C monitors. Type-C monitors can work with new Dell laptops which has Type-C output.

How to Get Video with Dell XPS 13 9350 on Dell Type-C Monitors

The only solution right now is to use Docking Station to connect Dell XPS 13 9350 laptops to a Type-C monitor.

Dell Thunderbolt Docking Station Model Number TB16

You can buy Dell Docking Station TB16 and connect it to the  Dell XPS 13 9350 laptop and then use the Docking Station to connect to the Type-C monitor. Dell Type-C monitors come with DP and Type C cable, which you can use to connect Type-C monitor to the TB16 Docking station which is connected to the XPS 13 9350 laptop.

TB16 docking station

Dell Docking Station WD15 

With Dell WD15 Docking Station, it is not possible to connect Dell Type-C monitor to the Docking Station with Type-C or full-size DP cable which come with the monitor, however you can use a mini-DP to full-size DP cable, with the mini-DP cable connected to the WD15 and the full-size DP cable connected to the Type-C monitor.

WD15 docking station

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