How to Fix Get Button Not Working on Microsoft Store

How to Fix Get Button Not Working on Microsoft Store

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Is the “Get” button not working when trying to install any app from Microsoft store? Are you not able to install the app from Microsoft Store due to “Get” button not responding on the Microsoft store? Today in this post I will provide some troubleshooting steps which will help you to install the app successfully on your computer. Please follow the steps provided below to fix the “Get” button Not Working on Microsoft Store. Let’s start with a real-life scenario:

Windows Store get button not working, So I can’t install anything from Windows Store as far as I can see. I tried reinstalling it through the “Reset” option in settings, I reinstalled it through Windows PowerShell, I turned off my antiviruses, I used WSReset, I logged in and out, I restarted my computer multiple times, and still nothing changed. When I click Get, it becomes gray for a second, like it was thinking, and then comes back like nothing happened. When clicked again it becomes gray again but this time it takes almost no time for it to come back, like it didn’t react at all. I’ve been trying to resolve this issue and looking trough multiple threads if not hundreds at this point, for like last 2 hours. For now, I think I’ll just download an Android emulator and use the apps I want there.

Source: Microsoft Community

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Like the above Windows 10 user, there are many others who are facing issues with the Get button on Microsoft store. Let’s fix this:

Update Windows 10

Sometimes simply updating the Windows to the latest version fix the issue with the Microsoft store. Open Windows 10 Settings by pressing Windows + I on the keyboard, go to the Update & Security. Click on Check for updates to get the latest Windows update. Restart your PC and use Microsoft Store.

check for updates Windows 10

If updating the Windows from here does not work then try updating the game using Microsoft media creation tool, On this page click on the Download tool now and run the exe file and select Upgrade this PC now to update the Windows. This process takes time but may resolve almost all the issues with Windows 10.


Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

Open Windows 10 Settings, go to Update & Security, select Troubleshoot on the left-hand side, click on Windows Store Apps and click on Run the troubleshooter. Let the troubleshoot complete, it will identify the problem and fix the issue.

Window store app troubleshooter

Reset Microsoft Store

Resetting takes care of almost all the issues related to Microsoft Store. Resetting may fix the Get button on Microsoft store along with any other issues with it.

Press Windows + R on the keyboard to open the Run box, type wsreset in the box and hit OK. A black window will pop up. Wait for few seconds till Microsoft store opens up on the screen. Now use the Get button to install the app.

Use the Library to Install the App

Open Microsoft store, click on the app you want to install, click on Add to cart>View Cart>Checkout>Enter the PIN or Password>Place order>Close. Now click on the three dots on the top right corner of Microsoft Store and select My Library. You will find that app added to the library, click on Install and enjoy the app.

Install app from library of Microsoft store


I hope one of the troubleshooting will help you to get the “Get” button working on the Microsoft Store. If none of the steps help you then use the Install option from the library to install the app. Please contact Microsoft’s support if the issue remains unresolved.

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