Fix Fast Battery Draining Problem on Dell Inspiron, XPS, Alienware, Vostro, Latitude and Dell G Series Laptop

Fix Fast Battery Draining Problem on Dell Inspiron, XPS, Alienware, Vostro, Latitude and Dell G Series Laptop

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Fix Fast Battery Draining Problem on Dell Inspiron, XPS, Alienware, Vostro, Latitude and Dell G Series Laptop

Overview: Today in this article we will learn how to improve the battery life on your Dell laptop. Many Dell users are facing fast battery draining issue so let’s learn to troubleshoot and optimize the battery life of Dell laptop batteries.

Let’s Start with Few Practical Scenarios

Scenario 1: Battery Drains in Minutes After 50%

I’m using Dell Inspiron 15R and I suddenly started having quick battery drainage issue two days ago. Normally, my battery lasts at least 4 hours after a full charge. But now all of a sudden, it has started draining in minutes. Battery seems to be charging normally. Last night, on 76% battery, it took just an hour for the battery to drain to 6%. Today, at 48% charge, it only took ten minutes for the battery to drain to 6%. This has never happened before. I’m not sure if it’s the windows or the battery itself. But it seems strange for a battery to go from normal to draining this quickly in a day. Note: I keep good care of the battery and almost never overcharge it. The system is running on Windows 10 currently. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

Source: Dell Community

Scenario 2: My Laptop Battery is Draining Fast Even After a Full Charge?

Hi, I am using DELL INSPIRON 7560 with windows 10 OS. From past few days, I am facing a problem with the battery i.e. Draining very quickly without using the laptop even after fully charged. Can anyone resolve what is the problem? Thanks…

Source: Dell Community

Like the above two users, there are many Dell users who are facing fast battery draining issue. Let’s troubleshoot.

Run Hardware Test on Your Dell PC

Dell systems come with built-in ePSA diagnostics. In order to run the hardware test, start your PC and immediately keep on tapping F12 on the keyboard to go to the one-time boot menu. Select Diagnostic on the one-time boot menu screen to run the hardware scan. You can also run the diagnostic by pressing and holding the Fn on the keyboard and while holding the Fn key, power on the system, once it starts running the test release the Fn key.


In case you receive any error code, note down the Error code and validation code and run the remaining test. An error received while running the tests may indicate a hardware failure. Visit this link, enter the error code, validation code and the Dell service tag of your PC. This will let you know the exact hardware failure. In case all test passed, move on to the next step.

While running the Dell ePSA test if you receive error code 2000-0131 or 2000-0132 please visit the below link to troubleshoot further.

Fix Error Code 2000-0132 The Battery is Reaching the End of its Usable Life on Dell PC

Troubleshoot Error Code 2000-0131 The battery is not installed on Dell PC

Understanding the Battery Life

The life of a battery depends upon the battery’s capacity like a number of cells and watt-hours. More number of cells or watt-hours will give you a long battery life when unplugged from a power outlet.

For example, a large 9 cell Battery with 90 Wh will have longer battery life than standard 4 cell battery 40-60 Wh. Battery with low capacity will wear out faster when compared to high capacity batteries because you have to charge it more frequently.

The real battery life also depends upon the usage and settings. You will start noticing a shorter battery life after 20-24 months and if you use applications on your laptop which consumes more power then you may notice shorter battery life before 20-24 months.

Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth When Not Required

The wireless card installed in your laptop utilizes more power and is one of the reasons for your battery drain. When not required turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save battery power.

Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth from windows action center

Limit Multitasking

Avoid multitasking, close all the background applications and keep only those app or browser open which you are using. Using fewer applications at a time will help the battery to last longer.

Avoid Using Apps Which Consumes More Power

Working on a word, excel, email or any documents will not have much impact than watching a movie or playing video games.

Use Power Saving Mode

  • Go to the notification area of the taskbar and make right-click on the Battery icon.


  • Select  Power Options.

Power options on battery icon windows 10

  • Now Select a power plan such as Power Saver or Balanced.

Choose a power plan

In Windows 10 you have an option to use Battery Saver.

Click on the Action Center icon located in the taskbar and click on Battery saver tile to turn it on. When the Battery Saver is on it will highlight in blue as shown below:

Battery Saver in windows 10

Use Dell Quickset application for Dell Desktop Mode and Dell Longevity Mode

Keeping the charger plugged in all the time or not charging the battery completely may reduce the battery life. To make things easier Dell has come up with two battery charge settings i.e Dell Desktop Mode and Dell Longevity Mode which helps to increase the battery life. In order to avail this feature, you have to install the Dell Quickset application. Most of the times its preinstalled. However if not installed, visit the Dell support website to install the Dell Quickset application. Visit this link , enter the service tag number of your PC and then download and install the Dell Quickset application.

Dell Quickset application

Few Dell system may not supported by Dell Quickset application, in that case, you have to monitor the battery charge status. Plug in the charger when the battery is about to discharge and plug out the charger when it’s fully charged.

Dell Desktop Mode

Desktop Mode automatically manages the charge levels of the battery. It allows the battery to discharge even when the charger is plugged in. This increases the battery life as it manages the charge even when the system is always plugged in.

Steps to Enable Desktop Mode

  • Make a right-click the Battery icon.
  • Select Dell Extended Battery Life Options. You will see the Battery Meter dialog box.
  • Select the Desktop Mode tab.
  • Click on Enable to turn on Desktop Mode.
  • Hit OK.

Dell Longevity Mode

Longevity Mode takes care of the charge and discharge status of your battery. Frequent connection and disconnection of the charger without allowing the battery to charge completely can reduce the battery life, Longevity Mode helps to balance the battery charges to protect the health of your laptop battery.

Steps to Enable Longevity Mode

  • Make a right-click the Battery icon.
  • Select Dell Extended Battery Life Options. You will see the Battery Meter dialog box.
  • Click on the Longevity Mode tab.
  • Click on Enable to turn on Longevity Mode.
  • Hit OK.

Unplug the External Devices

Unplug USB devices (such as external hard drive, USB flash drive, USB printer, etc.) connected to the laptop when you do not need it.

Close All Background Apps

Closing unnecessary apps running in the background can help the battery to last longer.

Reduce the Screen Brightness

The more bright is the screen, more is the usage of battery power. Decrease the screen brightness to run the system for a long time.

Decrease the screen brightness Windows 10

Disable or Reduce the Keyboard Backlit Timeout

If your laptop has a keyboard backlit feature then disabling or reducing the Keyboard Backlit Timeout can increase the battery life.

How To Change Keyboard Backlight Timeout In Dell Inspiron, XPS, Latitude and Vostro PC

Visit these two links to learn on how to manage keyboard backlit.

How to Turn On or Off and Manage the Backlit Keyboard Timeout in Dell Laptop

How To Change Keyboard Backlight Timeout on Dell PC.

Make Sure Air Vents are Clean

Make sure air vents are not blocked and allow proper air flow to cool down the system, make sure air vents are clean. Dust and debris may block the air flow and the system fan will run constantly, struggling to keep the system cool and this will reduce the battery life. Keep system on a table or any flat surface where air vents are not blocked and allow proper air flow to cool down the system.

Dell Laptop Air vents

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Update the System BIOS

Visit the Dell support website to update the BIOS to the latest version. Keeping the BIOS up to date optimizes the system which will ultimately improve the battery life. Visit this link , enter the service tag number of your PC and then update the BIOS. Make sure the battery is more than 10 percent and the charger is plugged into the system while updating the BIOS.

drivers and downloads

Update bios from dell website

Check the Health of the Battery in the BIOS

Start your system and immediately keep on tapping the F2 key on the keyboard to go into the BIOS.

Once you are in the BIOS, depending upon the interface of your BIOS screen you should be able to locate the Battery as shown in the pic below.

Select Battery Information to check the status of the Battery.

Battery status in tree BIOS

Below is the different BIOS interface where you can locate the Battery.

battery status in Dell BIOS

If the Battery status is “This battery is performing normally” or Battery health is “Normal” then the battery is performing as it should but if the Battery is not detected then it would say The battery is reaching the end of its usable lifenot detected, not installed or unknown. In such cases contact Dell further assistance.

Disable Express Charge on Alienware Systems and Improve Battery Life

If you have an Alienware 13 R1/R2, Alienware 15 R1/R2 or Alienware 17 R2/R3, please Disable Express Charge on Alienware Systems and Improve Battery Life.

Supported Systems:

Alienware 17 R3 Alienware 15 R2 Alienware 13 R2
Alienware 17 R2 Alienware 15 Alienware 13

Some Alienware laptops have the Express Charge feature enabled from the factory.

Express Charge allows you to charge your system battery much faster but this may reduce the lifetime of the battery

Steps to Disable Express Charge

  • Turn on your system
  • Tap the F2 key as the system turns on
  • You will access the system setup utility
  • Click the Advanced tab
  • Highlight Express Charge
  • Press Enter, select Disable and press Enter again.
  • Press F10 and select Yes

Source: Dell

Wrap Things Up

Today we learned to fix fast battery draining problem on Dell laptop and different ways to improve the battery life. I hope this article helped you to improve battery life on your Dell laptop.

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