Fix F1 22 Not Launching, Crashing Ego Dumper Crash, Black Screen & Freezing Issue On PC

Fix F1 22 Not Starting, Crashing, Ego Dumper Error, Black Screen & Freezing On PC

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Fix F1 22 Not Launching, Crashing Ego Dumper Crash, Black Screen & Freezing Issue On PC

Follow The Steps Provided In This Article To Fix F1 22 Crash to desktop (CTD), Crashing In Career Mode, Ego Dumper Crash, Black Screen And Freezing Issue On PC, Also Fix F1 22 EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATION Error.

You Can Also Watch The Video Provided Below & Follow The Steps:


Step 1) Restart your PC

Step 2) Delete Hardware Settings Folder, if that does not work delete the save game files (You will lose all the game progress)

Step 3) Launch the game in VR mode

Step 4) If able to launch the game, turn off DLSS, change Anti Aliasing to AMD FX/TAA in the antialiasing section, also lower down graphics settings

Step 5) Do a clean installation of graphics driver

Step 6) Install Nvidia Studio driver

Step 7) Restart G Hub and the game

Step 8) Turn off G Hub on career start

Step 9) Verify?Repair the game files

Step 10) Login to EA website and then launch the game

Step 11) Run the game as an administrator

Step 12) Set the game priority to high in task manager

Step 13) Wheel & Pedals Users: Disconnect the wheel till you are in the car, now connect the wheel, game is unplayable when USB pedals are attached directly to a USB port, Connect the pedals directly into the wheelbase, just unplug/unhook the usb from pc and start the game, if you have Pedals with an RJ12 port connect the pedals using RJ Cord to the wheel base. Do not use the USB, Update Wheel & Pedals Drivers, restart the PC , if using Shifter, unplug shifter, Restart PC, Start the game

Step 14) VR Users: Reinstall Steam VR, turn off Stencil Mesh in the VR options.

Step 15) Allow the game exe file to antivirus program/Windows Security

Step 16) Laptop users with dual graphics card run the game on dedicated graphics card

Step 17) Disable Steam Overlay, Close all the overlay apps

Step 18) Install Visual C++ Files

Step 19) Close all the overclocking application, perform Cleanboot

Step 20) Update your Windows

Step 21) Disconnect multiple monitors, unplug all the USB devices, Logitech wheel, joystick, Razer Tartarus gamepad, vjoy, Turn off Razer Synapse (razor lighting effects) and MSI Dragon Center, corsair software, end nahimic services & lightingservice.exe in task manager, remove the undervolt

Step 22) Uninstall and reinstall the game to the different drive (Try SSD first)

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