Fix Error Windows Sandbox Failed to Start Error 0xc0370106

Fix Error Windows Sandbox Failed to Start Error 0xc0370106

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Fix Error Windows Sandbox Failed to Start Error 0xc0370106

Overview: Windows Sandbox is a virtualization feature which comes with Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. Today in this post we will troubleshoot Windows Sandbox Error “Windows Sandbox Failed to Start 0xc0370106“.

So, let’s start with the real user’s practical scenarios!

Scenario 1: Windows Sandbox Fails to Start with Error 0x80070015: The Device is Not Ready

I have two machines on which I have installed production release 1903, Windows Sandbox runs on one, but on the other, I get Error 0x80070015: The device is not ready. I have searched through the event log and can’t find any events that appear to be related. I’m not even sure where to start. I’ve read some articles from the pre-release that indicated that they found log entries somewhere, but found no details on where else to look. I looked through all the Hyper-V log groups I could find with no luck.

Source: Microsoft Community

Scenario 2: Sandbox Failed to Load

Am I the only one that the last update (Build 18334.1) broke the Sandbox again? This time it won’t load and provides this error “Sandbox failed to Start. Additional Information is available in the Hyper-V Compute/Worker event logs. From the Error logs I see Critical error: ‘Virtual Machine’ has encountered a fatal error. The guest operating system reported that it failed with the following error codes: ErrorCode0: 0x4E, ErrorCode1: 0x7, ErrorCode2: 0xF7241, ErrorCode3: 0x1, ErrorCode4: 0x0. If the problem persists, contact Product Support for the guest operating system. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanx

Source: Microsoft Community

Like the above users, there are multiple Windows 10 users who are facing Windows Sandbox Failed to Start Error, let’s go ahead and fix this.

Try Disabling and Enabling the Sandbox

  • Press Windows + R keys on the keyboard and open the run box, type in appwiz.cpl in the Run box and hit OK.
  • Select Turn Windows features On or Off.
  • Find Windows Sandbox in the list and disable Windows Sandbox by unchecking it and restart your PC.
  • After the restart, go to Turn Windows features On or Off, find Windows Sandbox once again and put a check to enable it.

  • Now start Windows Sandbox.

Perform DISM Command

Type in Powershell in the windows search box, make a right-click on Windows Powershell and select Run as administrator.

Powershell as an admin

Copy and paste this command dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth on the PowerShell window and press the enter key on the keyboard.


Run SFC Scan: Open Powershell windows once again, copy and paste this command sfc /scannow. It may take some time to finish the scan, do not close the windows before the scan completes.

Restart your computer and launch Windows Sandbox.

Run Windows Sandbox As An Administrator

  • Write Windows Sandbox in Windows search box, make a right-click on Windows Sandbox and select More and click on Run as administrator
  • Click on Yes on the User Access Control window.

Update Windows

Updating windows 10 with the latest update may fix Windows Sandbox error. Press Window + I to open Windows 10 Settings > Update & security > Windows Update > Check for updates, restart your PC after the update.

check for updates Windows 10

In case the error still occurs, update Windows 10 using Microsoft Media Creation Tool

Visit this link and click on Download tool now.

Then run media creation exe file and on Windows 10 setup click on Accept for Microsoft license terms.

Now on the next screen select Upgrade this PC now and click on Next.


This may take some time but updating Windows using media creation tool may fix corrupt windows files and fix Windows Sandbox error.

Restart Windows Services Associated with Windows Sandbox

Press Windows + R keys on the keyboard and open the run box, type in services.msc in the Run box and hit OK.

Find the services mentioned below, make a right-click on these services one by one and click on Start or Restart to start these Services:

  • Network Virtualization Service.
  • Virtual Disk.
  • Hyper – V Virtual Machine.
  • Hyper – V Host Compute Service.
  • Container Manager Services.

Reset Your PC/ Reinstall the OS

If none of the steps fix “Windows Sandbox Failed to Start Error” then you might have to reinstall the Windows 10 on the system as it might have gone corrupt. Please note that you will lose all the data and the apps you installed on the system so please backup your data before you reinstall Windows 10. Visit the below link to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows 10 on your PC.

How to reinstall Windows 10

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