Fix Error Code 2000-0511 The Fan Failed to Respond Correctly on Dell PC

Fix Error Code 2000-0511 The Fan Failed to Respond Correctly on Dell PC

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Fix Error Code 2000-0511 The Fan Failed to Respond Correctly on Dell PC

Overview: Many Dell laptop users are facing error code 2000-0511, “The Fan Failed to Respond Correctly”.  Today we will learn what is this error code and what are the troubleshooting required to fix this error.

So, let’s start with the real user’s practical scenario!

Practical Scenario 1: The Processor Fan Failed to Respond, Error Code 2000-0511

My laptop Latitude 3340 had a problem of fan not working, so I changed them from the local computer hardware shop and now the fan is working but I see a message on startup. Fan malfunction. To continue Press f1 Key, to change …..When I run onboard diagnostic, it shows an error for The processor fan failed to respond, error code: 2000-0511

Source: Dell Community

Practical Scenario 2: Error Code 2000-0511

My Laptop(Dell Inspiron N5050) has started to blow regular sound (like a trimmer while trimming). Then I came to know that it is sound of the fan then I started Diagnostic at startup by pressing F12 and after checking error code shown as Error code 2000-0511 Validation 30645. Msg: Fan – The processor fan has failed to respond correctly. Plz, tell me what exactly is with my laptop and how to resolve it. Thankyou

Source: Dell Community

cooling fan

Like the above users, there are many Dell users who are facing 2000-0511 error code.  Now let’s troubleshoot this error code.

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Perform Hardware Test on Your Dell PC

Dell systems come with built-in ePSA diagnostics. In order to run the hardware test, start your PC and immediately keep on tapping F12 on the keyboard to go to the one-time boot menu. Select Diagnostic on the one-time boot menu screen to run the hardware scan. You can also run the diagnostic by pressing and holding the Fn on the keyboard and while holding the Fn key, power on the system, once it starts running the test release the Fn key.


In case you receive any error code, note down the Error code and validation code and run the remaining test. An error code 2000-0511 received while running the tests means the cooling fan is not responding to the diagnostics tool. Visit this link, enter the error code, validation code and the Dell service tag of your PC as shown below.

Error code 2000-0511, “The Fan Failed to Respond Correctly” means the cooling fan is not responding to the diagnostics tool. Please check nothing is obstructing the fan.

Check ePSA error code on dell website


Check for Physical Damage

Inspect the computer for clogged or obstructed air vents, check for any loose connections. Check inside the system if you can or take help of any techy person and look for any damage to the heatsink or fan, a broken or missing fan blade may not cool system effectively. If you find any damage, contact Dell, damaged parts are not covered under warranty but you can still contact Dell for out of warranty repair or contact a local technician, in case system is just out of the box and you received damaged brand-new system then you might get free service or exchange as per Dell Policy.

In case processor or motherboard has been replaced recently, check if thermal grease or thermal pads are applied or replaced after the repair. In case thermal grease or thermal pads is missing contact Dell to get the Heatsink or Motherboard replaced again.

Update the System BIOS

Visit the Dell support website to update the system drivers and BIOS to the latest version. Sometimes updating the BIOS and drivers fix the fan error. Visit this link , enter the service tag number of your PC and then update the BIOS.

drivers and downloads


Make sure the battery is more than 10 percent and the charger is plugged into the system while updating the BIOS.

Update bios from dell website

After the BIOS update, run the hardware test once again.

Re-seat the Fan and Rerun the ePSA Test

Sometimes the connectors become loose and simply reseating the Fan may resolve the error. Components on your system are either CRU (Customer Replaceable Unit) or FRU (Field-replaceable Unit). FRU components are not supposed to be reseated or replaced by you. You can take the help of a technician. If the cooling fan is CRU then you can unplug the fan and plug it back in and re-run the hardware test. If you are still receiving error codes then write down the code and contact Dell for further assistance.

reseat PC fan

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Wrap Things Up

Today we learned about Error Code “2000-0511 The Fan Failed to Respond Correctly” and different ways to troubleshoot it. I hope this article helped you to understand and troubleshoot Fan failure on Dell PC.

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