How To Fix Error Code 2000-0122 and 2000-0123 On Dell PC


How To Fix Error 2000-0122 Memory Errors Were Detected On Dell PC

Overview: Many Dell users are coming across error code 2000-0122 or 2000-0123 on Dell PC. Error code 2000-0122 and 2000-0123 may involve the main system board or memory of the computer on Dell PC. Today in this post we will learn and troubleshoot these error codes.

So, let’s start with the real user’s practical scenarios!

Scenario 1: Inspiron 3847, Error 2000 – 0122

Hi, I am having a problem with my Dell Inspiron 3847. I am getting the blue screen of death; I was able to somehow pull the error code: 2000-0122; validation 120537. The error states “msg: memory errors detected limit exceeded additional errors will not be resolved slot: dimm1”. I can’t seem to find anything about this error related to the Inspiron 3847. Can anyone let me know what I need to do to resolve this? Also, I will mention I deleted some files a few days ago to clean up my harddrive; However, the computer ran just find for a couple of days after that.

Source: Dell Community

Scenario 2: DIMM-A Failure code:2000-0123

I have run diagnostics and I get the same failure on DIMM-A. I even changed the RAM stick to a new one and get the exact same error in Dell Diagnostics.Error Code: 0123 Msg: Error Code 2000-0123 Memory Integrity test fault. It is a Vostro 1700. I took the RAM out of DIMM-A all together and it is running diagnostics fine. Does this indicate a bad slot DIMM-A only or I am facing motherboard failure? It is out of warranty.

Source: Dell Community

Troubleshooting Guide for Error Code 2000-0122 and 2000-0123 On Dell PC

Run Hardware Test

Dell systems come with built-in ePSA diagnostics. In order to run the hardware test, start your PC and immediately keep on tapping F12 on the keyboard to go to the one-time boot menu. Select Diagnostic on the one-time boot menu screen to run the hardware scan. You can also run the diagnostic by pressing and holding the Fn on the keyboard and while holding the Fn key, power on the system, once it starts running the test release the Fn key.

In case you receive any error code, note down the Error code and validation code and run the remaining test. Error Code 2000-0122 or 2000-0123 received while running the tests may indicate a hardware issue with the main system board or the memory module. Visit this link, enter the error code, validation code and the Dell service tag of your PC as shown below.

Check ePSA error code on dell website

Update the System BIOS

Visit the Dell support website to update the system drivers and BIOS to the latest version. Sometimes updating the BIOS and drivers may fix  2000-0122 and 2000- 0123 error. Visit this link, enter the service tag number of your PC and then update the BIOS.

drivers and downloads


Make sure the battery is more than 10 percent and the charger is plugged into the system while updating the BIOS.

Update bios from dell website

After the BIOS update, run the hardware test once again.

Re-seat the RAM and Rerun the ePSA Test

Shut down your PC and reseat the memory (check service manual to learn on how to reseat the memory, service manual can be found on Dell website enter the service tag number of your PC and then find the manual under manuals and documents). Try one RAM at a time if multiple memory modules are installed in the computer. Try swapping the memory module on your PC in case there are multiple memory installed. Try another RAM from another PC that has the same type of RAM, if available. Components on your system are either CRU (Customer Replaceable Unit) or FRU (Field-replaceable Unit). FRU components are not supposed to be reseated or replaced by you. You can take the help of a technician. If the memory is CRU then you can reseat the memory and re-run the hardware test. If you are still receiving error codes then write down the code and contact Dell for further assistance.

Wrap Things Up

Today in this post we learned about Error Code “2000-0122 and 2000-0123” and different ways to troubleshoot it. I hope this article helped you to understand and troubleshoot the error code 2000-0122 and 2000-0123 on Dell PC.

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