Fix Error Audio Service Not Responding on Windows 10


Fix Error Audio Service Not Responding on Windows 10

Today in this post we are going to fix Error Audio Service Not Responding on Windows 10 PC. There are multiple steps so at the end of each step check the audio, still you are facing the audio issue, then move on to the next step.

Step 1: Update Sound Device From Device Manager

Press Windows + R key on the keyboard to open the Run box

Type devmgmt.msc in the Run box and click on OK.

Expand Sound, video and game controllers and make a right click on your audio device (Realtek Audio or High Definition Audio Device )

Click on Update Driver/Browse my computer for driver/Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer

Now select Realtek Audio if High Definition Audio Device is listed in device manager and select High Definition Audio Device if Realtek Audio is listed in the device manager.


Let the installation complete, restart your PC and check the audio.

Step 2: Start These services

Type in Services in Windows search box or open Run box and type in services.msc  and click on OK to open services window. Find all the services mentioned below. Make a double click on each services, make sure Startup type is set to Automatic. Click on Start if highlighted and then click on Apply.

Windows Audio
Windows Audio endpoint builder services
Plug and Play Services
RPC Endpoint Mapper
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
DCOM Server Process Launcher

Restart your PC, once done restart your PC

Step 3) Run these commands

Type cmd in Windows search box, make a right click on Command prompt app and click on Run as administrator

Copy and paste the command one by one in command prompt window and hit Enter on the keyboard.

net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice
net localgroup Administrators /add localservice

Now restart your PC.

Step 4) Install default Audio Drivers

  • Type Control panel in Windows search box and open Control Panel
  • On the top right click on View by and select small icons
  • Click the System
  • Click on “Advanced System Settings
  • Go to the “Hardware” tab
  • Click on “Device Installation Settings“, Select “No” and click on Save Changes.


Device Installation Settings

Now open device manager, expand Sound, video and game controllers and make a right click on your audio device and click on Uninstall device.

Restart your computer and check the Audio.

Note – If not resolved open “Advanced System Settings” , Go to the “Hardware” tab and select Yes for Device Installation Settings as previously we changed it to No.

Step 5) Perform System Restore

Type System restore in Windows search box and click on Create a restore point.

Click on System restore under system Protection Tab


Click on Choose a different restore point


Now select the date and time on which date you were not facing the issue, make sure you select the restore point prior to the issue and click on Next and then click on Finish.


Once system restore is done, check the sound.

Step 6) Do a clean installation of Windows

If nothing works then please visit this link to learn how to reinstall Windows 10 using USB flash drive.

Important Note: Clean installation of Windows 10 will result in data loss, make sure to backup your data.

One of the step provided in this article should help you to get rid of Error Audio Service Not Responding on Windows 10

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