Fix Anthem Game Crashing, Freezing and Graphic Issue on PC


Fix Crashing, Freezing and Graphic issue with Anthem Demo game on PC

Overview: Today in this article we will troubleshoot crashing, freezing, connection and graphics issue with Anthem on PC.

Download the latest Nvidia driver, new driver version 419.35 released especially for Anthem.

Anthem Nvidia driver update

EA released a new Update 1.0.3 on March 9, 2019, update your Anthem game to fix the known issues.

Anthem New update available

High-level fixes and changes
  • Respawn restrictions have been removed – Respawn timers are now based on the activity a player is in. Crit-Path, Agent Missions and other non-end game missions now have a respawn timer of 10 seconds. Strongholds, Legendary Contracts, and other end game missions now have a respawn timer of 30 seconds. The respawn timer Freeplay remains unchanged.
  • Loot Changes – Common (white) and Uncommon (green) drops will no longer appear for players that are level 30.
  • Improved stability for all platforms – this includes fixes for a number of issues that were causing crashes or connection problems
  • Audio Improvements – Fixed a number of issues that could cause audio to drop out

Source: EA Forum

Anthem System Requirement

Most of the issues occur when your computer does not meet the minimum system requirement to play the game. You may experience significant problems while playing the game, so please make sure your PC meets the minimum configuration to play Anthem. Both Minimum and recommended PC requirement is mentioned below. For best gaming experience recommended configuration is preferred.

Minimum System Requirement to Play Anthem PC

Operating System: Windows 10

Architecture: 64 bit

Direct X: Version 11

System Memory: 8GB

Processor: Intel Core i5 3570 or AMD FX-6350

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 760, AMD Radeon 7970 / R9280X 2GB

Hard Drive Space: 50GB

Anthem Recommended PC Requirement

Operating System: Windows 10

Architecture: 64 bit

Direct X: 11

System Memory: 16GB

Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5 GHz

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1060/ RTX 2060, AMD RX 480

Hard Drive Space: 50GB

Anthem’s Loading Screen Problem

The loading is not so long when you have SSD, however latest patch has minimized the loading time to some extent for 5400/7200 rpm and/or fragmented drives.

High GPU and CPU Usage in Anthem

EA is working on this issue. There is no permanent fix as of now.

Quote from EA COMMUNITY MANAGER “We’re investigating reports of this at the moment, some users are reporting the issue resolved by installing the game to a non SSD, some users are capping FPS at 75 to resolve this as well.

These aren’t meant to be permanent fixes, but rather workarounds until the root cause is found and fixed.

Thanks for your patience so far, Freelancer.

Source: EA Forum

Anthem Stuttering and Freezing Issue

Install more RAM if you have only 8 GB RAM, 8 GB just meets the minimum system requirement, also playing the game on SSD is recommended.

Audio Cuts Out During Gameplay Anthem

Bioware has fixed the audio issue to some extent but still many are facing audio cut out issue. For now, exit the game and launch the game again to enjoy the audio.

Here’s the official statement from Michael Gamble regarding this problem:

Just a quick heads up to all you Freelancers:

We have improved audio performance and fixed a LOT of bugs since the demo – unfortunately, there are still instances of total audio dropout occurring which will require a restart. We have a significant fix for this issue that will be deployed in the day 1 patch. We are also working closely with Frostbite audio to address any possible remaining causes.

The issue seems to occur most often in heavy four player firefights in certain conditions, but it’s very difficult to trap and therefore reproduce to solve.

We appreciate your patience and are sorry for the hassle, we are trying very hard to get this completely solved as soon as possible!

Source: EA Forum

SERVER HAS SHUTDOWN Connection Problem – the Anthem Service is currently unavailable

  • Launch Origin
  • Make a right click on Anthem and click on update the game.

Fix DLSS Issue With Anthem

For Nvidia, RTX GPUs users make sure graphics card is updated and update Windows to the latest version 1809.

Visit this link in case you are having trouble updating Windows to 1809 version.

Fix Low FPS with Anthem

Step 1 

Within game go to Advanced Graphics Settings and Turn Off Anti-Aliasing

Turn off anti aliasing in Anthem

Within game go to Graphics Settings and Turn Off Motion Blur

Turn Off Motion Blur in Anthem

Step 2

Type Graphics Settings in the Windows search box and open Graphics Settings.

Classic App should be selected by default. Click on Browse and select the .exe file of Anthem game.

Add Anthem to graphics settings

Now click on Options after it has been added and Select High Performance option when it prompts the new window and click on Save.

Save graphics settings to high performance

Now go to the installation directory and launch the .exe file of Anthem as an administrator. Avoid using the desktop shortcut.

Step 3

Open Nvidia Control Panel by making a right click on the desktop
Select Manage 3D Settings and select Anthem from the Program Settings and set the Power Management to Prefer Maximum Power.

Fix Sound Track Issue With Anthem

If you have preloaded the Anthem before February 15 and you have Legion of Dawn edition, the soundtrack are not in the correct Order. This has been fixed, you will have to redownload the soundtrack if you downloaded it early.

Steps to fix soundtrack in the correct order

  • Navigate to the Bonus folder on your computer – usually, that’s C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Anthem\Bonus\
  • Delete the Soundtrack folder.
  • Launch Origin.
  • Click on Anthem in My Game Library.
  • Click on the cog icon.
  • Select Repair.
  • Once the repair is done, the Soundtrack folder will be rebuilt and you will have the tracks in the correct order.

Fix Slow First Load Into Fort Tarsis

With few systems, the first loading time into Fort Tarsis is longer after completing the Tutorial.

In this case, wait a few minutes to load. In case, it does not load after 5-6 minutes then press Alt+F4 to close the game windows and run a repair from Origin.

  • Open Origin
  • Go to My Game Library and click on the Anthem game tile.
  • Click the cog icon under the Play button.
  • Select Repair.
  • After repair completes, restart Anthem.

Fix Javelin Stuck Issue

When you’re out in the world and the Javelin gets stuck in some rocks, foliage, or other terrains, open your Map and choose the Respawn option to free Javelin.

Fix Unable to Use Javelin to Launch an Expedition

Few players are not able to interact with their Javelin from the main platform to start an Expedition after completing the main storyline. To fix this, head into the Javelin Launch bay jump to the raised door there to set up the expedition.

Unable to Enter Javelin or Stuck Javelin in Fort Tarsis Anthem

There is a workaround provided by EA to fix this. Launch a mission or stronghold from the launch bay, complete it and then return to Fort Tarsis to see if you can access your javelin. This is a workaround provided by EA but may not work for all.

Source: EA Forum

Fix Issue with Multiple Pilots

In some occasions, if you crash, the game will start you with a new pilot.

In this case, restart Anthem and do the following:

  • Let the game to connect to live services.
  • Press F on the keyboard
  • Choose your main Pilot from the list
  • Make sure they show as active
  • Hit Esc
  • Press Space to resume
  • You should now load in on your main Pilot.

Play button in Origin is Greyed Out Anthem

You were able to play Anthem fine but now play button is greyed out, it happens when Anthem doesn’t shut down properly, use ALT-F4 to close the Anthem game.

To fix greyed out issue with play button do the following :

  • Open Task Manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC on the keyboard
  • Click on the arrow beside Origin to show sub-tasks.
  • Select Anthem in the list.
  • Click End Task.

Run Origin and Anthem as an Administrator

Right-click the Anthem desktop shortcut and click on Properties.

If you don’t have one, look for the yourgamename.exe file in C:/Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/Anthem

Click on the Compatibility tab and check the box at the bottom under settings where it says Run this Program as an administrator and Click Apply and OK.

Run Anthem as an administrator

Restart your Anthem.

Repair Anthem from Origin

Go to Origin and click on My Game Library, make a right click on Anthem and then click on Repair

Repair Anthem

Once the repair is finished, restart your PC and launch Anthem.

This step will also fix the Anthem freezing issue between the matches

Update Graphics Drivers to Run Anthem

Visit your system manufacturer’s website to update system BIOS and all the necessary driver especially the graphics card driver.

NVIDIA Users: GeForce Experience can be used to check and update the drivers automatically, visit the below link to auto update or update it manually. Nvidia has released a new driver for Anthem game which can be downloaded from the below link. Click on Download for Automatic Driver Updates from the below link and download GeForce Experience and use GeForce Experience to check and update the drivers automatically

Update Nvidia Graphics card

AMD Users: Visit the below link to auto-detect or manually select your driver.

Update AMD Graphics Card

Uninstall and Reinstall Graphics Driver

Graphics driver issue occurs when we install a new driver on top of the old driver without going for a clean install.

To get this fixed, uninstall all the graphics drivers from your PC and reinstall the latest version.

Lower down In-Game Settings

In case you just meet the minimum system requirement to play Anthem, then its recommended to adjust the graphics options in-game to play Anthem smoothly.

You will find this option in the Main menu, then go to Options and select Video or Graphics options. Lower few of the settings, restart the game to apply those settings.

Run Anthem Game on Dedicated Graphics Card

The processor of the majority of computers runs basic graphics. In order to get the best graphics experience of Anthem game you need to run the game on the discrete graphics card.

In order to use dedicated graphics card always while playing Anthem game or any games, set up a gaming profile.

For Nvidia Users

  • Downloaded the latest drivers of the card and the NVIDIA Control Panel.
  • Right-click anywhere on your Desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel.
  • In the left column of the NVIDIA Control Panel, click on 3D Settings, then Manage 3D Settings.
  • Click the Program Settings tab, then the Add button.
  • Select Anthem game from the list or Browse to the program file (*.exe) of the Anthem game you want to make a profile for.
  • Example: To add a profile for Battlefield V, you’d select BFV.exe in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\BFV.
  • Click Add Selected Program, then find Power management mode in the pull-down menu and set it to Prefer maximum performance.

AMD Users

  • Download and install the latest AMD graphics driver and the latest version of AMD Crimson Radeon Software.
  • Right-click anywhere on your Desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings.
  • On the Radeon window, click on the Gaming tab.
  • Select Global Settings.
  • Set Power Efficiency to Off.

Fix Graphical Tearing With Anthem

This occurs mainly because of the game running at a higher refresh rate than your monitor can handle.

You might know that disabling v-sync can reduce graphical tearing, but still, you are facing tearing while playing Anthem game then toggling v-sync to on in your game settings might fix it.

Fix Micro Stuttering With Anthem

Micro stuttering (shudders and jolts while moving) happens when the game is not optimized properly, particularly when its played under multiple Direct X versions.

Disable latest Direct X version and restart your game. In case you are doing this please keep an eye on the patch notes for the Anthem game to know when it is fine to re-enable it. Micro stuttering can sometimes be a driver issue, it may be driver conflicting or maybe the latest driver not working well with Anthem game. In this case, you might need to wait for the new driver to fix it.

Fix Rainbow or Green Artifacting With Anthem

In this case, a large number of pixels on the screen changes colors, it may be green, pink or like a rainbow. The game may be running on the background but you only see green or rainbow artifact.

It may be the bad graphics card, overheating or some hardware issue with the card

Check if the fan is working and reseat the graphics card if its a CRU(Customer Replaceable Unit) component

Fix Rubberbanding With Anthem

Rubberbanding when the in-game character gets back to the starting point. It tries to move but comes back to the original place. This is generally a connectivity issue, not a graphics issue, use broadband Wifi connection or ethernet cable to connect. Make sure there is no issue from your ISP.

Use CCleaner to Fix Anthem Crashing Issues

Corrupt or out of date file may cause crashing or many more issues while playing Anthem game. It is recommended to use CCleaner to fix many PC issues which will improve the game performance.

Update Windows 10

Open Windows 10 setting by pressing Windows + I key on the keyboard, then click on Update & Security, now click on Check for updates to update Windows 10.

Perform Clean Boot to Play Anthem

Type in msconfig in Windows search box and click on System Configuration.


Click the Services tab and check the box to Hide all Microsoft Services, then click the Disable All button.


Now click on the Startup tab, then click on Open Task Manager.

Task Manager

Click each of the Startup programs in the list then click the Disable button. Disable all.


Close the Task Manager window.

Click OK on the System Configuration window to save your changes.

Restart the system and try launching Anthem game again.

Stop the Windows 10 Apps from Running in the Background While Playin Anthem

Open Windows 10 setting by pressing Windows + I key on the keyboard, click on Privacy and then scroll down and select Background apps and disable all the apps which you do not need.


Doing this will run Anthem smoothly.

Also, Fix Hitman 2 Crashing and Freezing issue

Add Exception to Antivirus and Firewall for Anthem/Disable Windows Firewall and Multiple Antivirus

In case you are facing Anthem loading or launching issue then it might be antivirus or firewall which does not allow the game to load because it recognizes game files as potentially harmful and blocks it from running. Add exceptions for Anthem. Call your Antivirus company if you need help in adding an exception for Anthem.

Most of the time Antivirus causes your game to crash or freeze so if you have multiple security running on the system then disable all the antivirus except one or try switching to another antivirus if one particular antivirus is causing the issue.

Enable Port Forwarding for Anthem

Opening ports can help direct the flow of internet traffic so you can connect easier

Setting up ports on a PC means accessing your router settings, and the steps are different for each router.

If you need help, we recommend that you contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Every computer has standard ports that are most commonly used when they connect to the internet. Try opening (forwarding) these first:

Platform           UDP                 TCP

PC                      443                  80, 443, 8080

Once you open the standard ports, look below for game-specific port ranges for Anthem. Adding the additional ports can help with any connectivity problems you may be having.

Anthem FOR PC

TCP: 443, 8080

UDP: 3659, 21000-26000

Call your ISP to make these changes.

Flush the DNS

This troubleshooting is for the connectivity issue when you are getting kicked off from the Anthem game with an error “You have lost connection to the session” or “couldn’t connect due to latency problems” or “Connection to Servers Timed out” or any kind of connectivity issue while playing Anthem online.

  • Type cmd in the Windows search box and then make a right click on Command Prompt to Run as an Administrator.
  • When the command prompt opens, type ipconfig/flushdns and press Enter.
  • Repeat the same process for below commands.
  • Type ipconfig /release and press Enter.
  • Type ipconfig /renew and press Enter.
  • Type netsh winsock reset and press Enter.

Reboot your computer and launch Anthem.

Uninstall and Reinstall Anthem

If somehow game files have gone corrupt then uninstalling and reinstalling Anthem may fix the issue.

In order to uninstall the game, log in to the Origin and click on My Game Library, make a right click on Anthem and then click on Uninstall.

Uninstall Anthem

Fix Anthem Freezing Issue When Launching Anthem with Overclocking

Do Not Overclock or Turbo Boost a Processor or GPU.  In case you are opting for Overclocking or Turbo Boosting hardware in your computer, then we suggest resetting the processor or GPU to the manufacturer specifications, as doing so may prevent any crashing and freezing.

Also, disable Intel Turbo Booster from BIOS settings and in case you are not able to figure out contact your system manufacturer

Please keep in mind that higher settings maximize the workload for the system hardware overall, even if your system exceeds the minimum system requirement for the game.

Opting for reduced graphical features in the game is recommended if you are experiencing an issue with performance and stability.

Reinstall Windows 10

Sometimes corrupt OS does not allow you to play the Anthem properly. Reinstalling Windows 10 may fix the issue. Please note that you will lose all the data on your computer when you reinstall the OS. Please visit this link to learn how to reinstall Windows 10 using USB flash drive


I hope this article helped you to resolve Anthem crashing, freezing, FPS Drop, Graphics and connectivity issue.

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