Fix FIFA 22/21 Controller Continuous Scroll Issue On PC

Fix FIFA 22/21 Controller Continuous Scroll Issue On PC

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Fix FIFA 22 or 21 Controller Continuous Scroll Issue On PC


If Controller Is Causing Continuous Scrolls Issue On Menus In FIFA 22/21 Game Then Perform The Steps Provided In This Article To Fix Controller Continuous Scroll Bug On Windows PC.



To fix the issue launch Steam if Steam is already installed on your PC. If Steam is not installed then visit Steam website to download and install Steam, the link is provided below:

Once installed, create an account and login to Steam, on the bottom left of the Steam client, you will find a + sign icon to ADD A GAME, click on it and then click on Add a Non-Steam Game…, select FIFA 22/21 exe file from the list and then click on ADD SELECTED PROGRAMS, if FIFA game is not in the list then click on Browse to go to the game installation folder and select the FIFA exe file.

Add FIFA 22 to Steam

Once FIFA 22/21 is added, now click on Steam on the top left of the Steam client, click on Settings, go to Controller tab/GENERAL CONTROLLER SETTINGS, now configure your controller, if your are using Xbox controller then put a check on the box in front of Xbox Configuration Support, similarly if you have PlayStation Controller then put a check on PlayStation Configuration Support. On the bottom of this screen it should detect your controller. Select your controller and click on Identify if the option is available. Now close Controller Settings Window. Now launch FIFA 22/21 from Steam.

Controller Configuration in Steam

If the issue still persists then open File Explorer to go to the game installation folder, if the game is installed in C drive then navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 22\FIFASetup\config.ini, make a right click on config.ini file and open it with Notepad, add the entry provided below:


Once you paste this entry in the notepad, click on File in notepad and then click on Save. Close the notepad and now launch FIFA 22/21. Now this should resolve scrolling bug when using controller with FIFA 22/21 game on PC.

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