F1 22: Fix Controller Not Vibrating

F1 22: Fix Controller Not Vibrating

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F1 22 Fix Controller Not Vibrating, Fix No Vibration On Xbox or PS5 Controller With F1 22 Game

Go Through This Post To Fix When Controller Is Not Vibrating With F1 22 Game On PC, Fix No Vibration On Xbox/PS5 Controller With F1 22 Game

You can also watch the video provided below to follow the steps:

This Workaround may not work for adaptive triggers but should help you with the vibration

Step 1) Disconnect and reconnect the controller

Step 2) Launch The Game & Switch to windowed fullscreen mode

Step 3) Steam Users with PlayStation Controller: Check the “Playstation Configuration Support” in Steam Settings, restart steam, unplug and re-plug the controller

Step 4) Launch the game and turn off trigger vibration in game. For some users disabling adaptive triggers has worked to get the rumble back

Step 5) Xbox Controller users: Install Xbox Accessories App from Microsoft Store and open this app in the background and then launch F1 22 Game

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