F1 22: Fix Audio/Sound Issue, Fix F1 22 Choppy/Stuttering Sound On PC

F1 22: Fix Audio/Sound Problem, Choppy And Stuttering Sound PC

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F1 22 Fix Audio Or Sound Issue, Fix F1 22 Choppy & Stuttering Sound On PC

Perform The Steps Provided In This Article To Fix Sound/Audio Problems With F1 22 Game On PC, How To Fix Audio Stuttering Issue With F1 22 Game On PC.

You can also watch the video provided below to follow the steps:


Step 1) Select the right audio device in Sound Settings.

Step 2) Disable all other audio devices that you are not using in windows settings.

Step 3) Connect the pedals directly to the wheel base, do not USB connection, you can use RJ connector to connect.

Step 4) Disconnect Controllers if you are using wheels & Pedals and vice versa.

Step 5) Turn off Spatial Sound.

Step 6) Disable Oculus Audio Device under both recording and playback in sound control panel, do the same thing in device manager, disable all Oculus Virtual Audio (input and output) devices.

Step 7) If you’re using Virtual Desktop, turn off “Use virtual audio driver” in the streamer’s settings.

Step 8) Disable the VR audio/VR headset in the Windows Sound settings/device manager, if you find anything related to Nvidia disable that too.

Step 9) Disconnect external Microphone connected to the PC, you can also disable internal microphone in sound control panel.

Step 10) Close/disable Voicemeeter.

Step 11) Uncheck Handsfree Telephony.

Step 12) Lower down audio quality to low in game.

Step 13) Update graphics driver.

Step 14) Verify the game files.

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