How To Download And Install Windows 10 Using USB Flash Drive On Dell PC

How To Download And Install Windows 10 Using USB Flash Drive On Dell PC

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How To Download And Install Windows 10 Using USB Flash Drive On Dell PC

Overview: This post will help you to install Windows 10 on your  PC in case you face no boot situation.

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What We Need to Successfully Install Windows 10 via USB on Dell PC

Blank USB flash drive (Thumb drive) of at least 8 GB (Any Blank USB flash drive between 8GB-32 GB will work)

Alternate working PC with internet access

Administrative user rights and 8 GB of free space in C drive

How to download

Visit the link mentioned below and download Windows 10 media creation tool

Click on download tool now

  • Run the downloaded file

  • Accept the Microsoft license terms


  • Select option create installation media for (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO files) for another PC and then click Next

Create installation media

  • Select language, architecture, and edition- for most of the system it English United States-unless you want to change the language, Architecture is 64 bit and Edition will be Windows 10. Select next now

Select language

  • Select USB flash drive and then click on next– make sure USB flash drive is connected to the system

Select USB flash drive

  • Select the desired USB Flash Drive and then click on next.

Select USB flash drive 1

After this, download and creation of windows media will complete- it may take a long time depending upon the speed of the internet. If somehow the download fails, you can repeat the process.

Once the download is complete click on Finish option and tool will close in few seconds- once the tool closes eject the USB flash drive and connect to the Dell PC where you want to install Microsoft Windows. Make sure Charger is plugged in during the installation process in case of a laptop.

For Dell System, restart the PC and when the Dell logo appears, tap F12 key till it goes to boot option.

On the boot menu, select the USB flash drive (it may show USB storage device, USB1 or name of the flash drive) and press Enter.

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Steps To Install Windows 10  Via USB on Dell PC

  • Select Language, time and keyboard input

Select Language, time and keyboard input

  • Click on Install Now

Install Now

  • Accept the Microsoft License terms

Accept the Microsoft License terms

  • Select Custom Install

Custom install

  • Now you will see the list of partitions- you have select each partition one by one and delete all the partitions which you can- Note-You will lose all the data on the system.

delete all the partitions

  • Now only one unallocated space partition will be left which you cannot delete- you have to select it and then click on next. In case the system has a solid state hard drive then select SSD and then click on next. I have two hard drive in the pic shown below, in case, you have only hard drive, select that.

Unallocated space

Windows will start installing, once installation is complete system will restart and you have to set up the windows. Select your region.

Select your region

  • Select the keyboard layout as the US

Select the keyboard layout

  • Select No for additional keyboard layout as this will confuse you.

additional keyboard layout

  • Connect to your network- select your Wireless network and enter your wireless password- ignore in case of Ethernet connection as it will be default one

select your WIFI

It may take some time to get some updates and then it will ask you to sign in with Microsoft account- if you have Microsoft account you can login- in case you do not have Microsoft account choose offline account on the bottom left of the screen and then give name to your PC and create password for your PC- in case you do not need any password for your system then leave the password option blank and click on next.

Offline account

If you want to use one drive for your data backup select next or else select option “Only save file to this PC” on the bottom left corner.

One drive

Note – One drive is an online storage tool provided by Microsoft which only saves data up to 5 GB for free- in order to get more space, you have to pay for it. Its mandate to have Microsoft account to use one drive.

If you want Cortana select yes or else select No.


Accept privacy settings as per your preference and click next.

Choose privacy

Now it will take some time to load windows and then it will go to the home screen and you can start using the system. Have a good Day

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I hope this helped you to install Windows 10 successfully on your DELL PC, Enjoy Windows!

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